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rural tourismThe famous "Golden Triangle" comprising of the cities Jaipur, Delhi , and Agra has put Jaipur on the world tourism map. Over 60% of international tourists make sure to visit these places when in India .

Tourism in Rajasthan has been one of the major sectors for sustaining livelihoods in the state. Rajasthan is known for its heritage, rich culture, handicrafts and cuisine, which has been attracting international and domestic tourists every year. There are well known destinations in the state mapped as tourist circuit of the world. With the changing economic scenario in the country and abroad, resulting in increasing investments and expenditure being incurred by households for tourism purpose, it is an opportunity for the state to leverage on it and attract more tourists, thereby resulting in livelihood promotion for the rural masses. However, apart from the well known destinations existing in the state, there are other sites that can attract tourists that are situated at proximity to these major tourist destinations. With the purpose of tourism undergoing change, there is a need for the state to promote less known sites that can offer rural, adventure and cultural experience.

Our program is working in a Community-NGO-Public-Private Partnership (CNPPP) so that maximum efficiency is reached with best of all resources. Rural visits give tourists the opportunity to explore the real side of India and discover hidden sites, delicious food, and learn from experiences craftsmen.

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Tourist Feedback

The highlights for me were definitely the step well and the camel ride. It was a real pleasure to be able to discover places that I hadn't heard about from the major guide books.

....Guy Collender
There is much beauty in the simplicity of village life. I had a great time eating, dancing, and speaking to everyone there I would love to visit again and take all of my friends.

....Rajat Julka